Bradshaw Walkers

Our group started life with the Cubs over 30 years ago. The Calderdale Way was very new and Cub leaders and Cubs decided to walk it in five sections. Parents were encouraged to help.

We enjoyed it so much parents decided to go walking again, and so Bradshaw Walkers was born.

Working parents with children’s Saturday activities thought Sunday was the only `free’ day. So with much discussion it was agreed to have a programme with a walk starting after the church service, on the second Sunday of each month. A programme of walks has continued annually ever since, with the addition of occasional Saturday and mid-week walks and even one on Boxing Day to walk off Christmas Day lunch.

Original group members are now considerably older, so walks tend to be shorter, but the number of social occasions has increased. Thankfully new younger members still add to our numbers. The social side includes an annual party at Bradshaw Cricket Club (after a walk), a BBQ in York (after a walk), odd teas or refreshments (after a walk) at someone’s house, an annual long weekend away at a Holiday Fellowship venue.

Our leaders are all volunteers, and conjure up one fantastic walk after another. Many are quite local, or into the Dales and sometimes even further afield. Frequently we have lovely weather, but we have been known to walk in snow, torrential rain and even gale-force winds.

There is a small subscription fee to cover insurance costs but we are happy for people to try us out a couple of times before joining. We are affiliated to the Holiday Fellowship. ┬áPlease feel free to come along; we are a happy bunch and you’ll be made most welcome!

If you want more information please contact me (Tom Rutherford), or Pam Rutherford or Grahame Blackwood through our Parish Administrator at

Tom Rutherford
President Bradshaw Walkers


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